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“Front of House” & Importance of Service.

Front of house is very often related to as business card of the catering establishment. It is where your customers get first and last contact with your staff and your product. Where everything & everyone is on display and judged. More to it – performance of your “Front of House” relates directly onto your profits and needs to be looked after very seriously.

Here we will try to explain how it works, what are the important parts of your “Front of House”, Basics of service, how to design and manage service order, manage your reservations, service flow and much more.

Restaurant space optimisation.

As every other workspace restaurant must be well optimized for the best performance. Placement of the tables, service station, ways to go in and out of the kitchen, etc – it all matters and it can make or break the service.

In this topic we will be discussing why it is so important to “declutter” your restaurant, how to make the most of your sitting plan, using “flexible sitting plan”, floor plans for “open space” & “communal” bars and restaurants. As well as how and where to place your service stations, work paths and more.

Menu Optimisation and Cost Control

Everything around us changes. That includes prices of your food ingredients, wines & beverages as well as trends and tastes of your clientele. As a restaurant owner you need to consider them all and make sure to update your menu items as well as prices to make the best of it.

This part will cover how to keep an eye on your costs, when and how often you should review your menu items and its prices. Is it worth just changing the price? Or it is better to review the full menu. We will show you how to monitor the tastes of your guests, how to recognize slow moving items and if it is worth keeping them on your menu (yes – sometimes it is…) and much more.

Kitchen & the Back of House.

Kitchen can be a beating heart of the restaurant. Having it clean, well-organized and in good working order is crucial. Health & Hygiene score of your place can attract or chase away your guests.

This topic will cover what to look for in the kitchen operation (especially if you are not the chef yourself), basics of HACCP in the kitchen. How to organize kitchen workspace, storage space and Back of House. Smart cooking, ingredients selection and wastage minimization. We will discuss tips and tricks for good Kitchen to Front of House Communication and more.

Finance – improving profits the smart way.

You cannot forget – Restaurants & Bars are still “a business”. Even if you’re the most devoted caterer in the end it is money and your profits which will keep you going and make your business grow.

In here we will explain basics of profitability, recognising “fixed” and “variable” costs and how they affect your profit. Cover how not get confusing between NET & GROSS. How to keep an eye on your books, what tools to use and much more.

Training & Development.

Training its vital to every company. When it comes to restaurants and customer service it is crucial. From training your staff on “Brand standards”, covering basics to constantly developing and improving yours and yours staff knowledge.

This topic will explain what the benefits are of “Training & Development” programs. How to create your “Brand Standards”, “SOP’s – Standard Operating Procedures”. Training of new recruits and improving knowledge and skills of the old ones. We will point you into direction of courses, classes, instructional videos and more.

Administration & Office Management.

Yes. You need to spend some time in the office.

In here we will cover administration part of day to day operation, creating rosters, gathering and understanding statistics. Useful back office tools, recruitment, resource management and more.

Right Tools for the job.

Having right tools makes every job much easier.pend some time in the office.

This topic will cover wide variety of tools available today for restaurant owners. From Kitchen and Bar Equipment, Point of Sale Systems, Booking systems, Back office control to staff management and more..

Social Networking & Marketing Basics.

This is one of the best modern tools to stay visible and relevant in the modern world. It is simple, fun and help you being unique and stay out from the crowd.

This topic will cover Marketing Basics, what to do and how to do to stand out. We will show you how to use Social networking like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to your advantage. How to engage with your customers online. What is the right content and how not to drawn your public in irrelevant posts. Is it worth paying for adds, which platforms to use and more.

Growing your business.

There are many ways to grow. From expanding your menu offer, introducing new services like take away & outside catering to increasing number of shops and branching out.

In here we will explore most popular ways to grow your business. Creating plan for growth. Looking for new growth opportunities. What to consider before expanding and much more.

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