A thought – I want to own my restaurant.

Now let’s take that thought and make it real.

To make your journey easier we categorized all steps by topics. You can read it all or jump straight to what you need.

It is your place. What will it be….????

So, you have the idea. Now you need shape it into something more.

Here we will discuss further steps like how to be sure you’re up for it, how to evaluate your business idea, write a business plan, how to be unique and more…..

Let us talk Financials

Without money no modern business will be able to take it off the ground.

In this topic we will list all the potential costs – short & long term, how to prepare brief P&L of your business as well how to secure finance if needed.

Location & knowing your clientele.

Where your place will be located will have large impact on type of clients walking through your doors.

Here we will discuss what factors to consider while choosing your location, how strongly it is connected to your product and what tools to use to make this process easier.  

Knowing your product & services.

Yes.  Your Food, Beverage and service given by your staff is your “Product” and you (and your staff) must know everything about it.

In this part we will be discussing why product knowledge is so important and what are the benefits of it, how to train your staff to gain and master product knowledge, Creating Standards of your product and more.

Creating right “Food & Beverage” menu.

“Food & Beverage” Menu often is a first step to the “Experience” you will be offering and it’s important to do it right.

In this part we will show you how to choose the items to match your “product”, how to design clear and convincing layout, how to make it interesting, creating right prices and more…

“Look & Feel” of your place.

Restaurant design is crucial for repetitive business. While your food & beverage might be exceptional, you want your guests to feel comfortable, enjoy and relax while visiting your establishment.

We will help you to arrange best sitting plan, how to solve area problems for best performance, discuss music & ambience, matching venue design to your product and potential clientele and more.

Right tools for the job.

You will need much more than good set of knifes and a cocktail shaker.

This topic will cover wide variety of tools available today for restaurant owners. From Kitchen and Bar Equipment, Point of Sale Systems, Booking systems, Back office control to staff management and more.

Administration & Office Management.

Yes. You will need to spend some time in the office.

This topic covers administration of day to day operation, creating rosters, keeping track on you finances, gathering and understanding your statistics, cost control basics and more..

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